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Celebrated 27 the Tea Festival in Nepal

we want to extend world Nepal's Tea: said stakeholders


Dhanbahadur magar

Kathmandu, 28 April 2023

I want to make globally extend Nepal’s Tea: Jenni ToddI

I want to promotion of High Mountain tea of Nepal in chines market : Lio Huwan

4rth International tea festival of Nepal 2023, April 27-29 have been lunched honorable, Chief guest ministry of Agriculture, livestock development minister Beduram bhusal lighting the inauguration ceremony session on occasion of 27th Tea day.

Nepal has register Trade mark. Participation in festival private sector.   Government office, other of the valuable persons, specific in the festival of Nepal.

On the occasion of tea festival Board Deputy director Dipak khanal welcomed International Delegates, entrepreneur, private sector. He said i would like to extend the program, You are participation in this program. I would like to share who presented in this context of tea festival.

The prime minister Jang bahadur rana he had brought tea in 1842 from china. It is an important history for Nepal. Then in 1860 Chief of the Ilam district Gagraj thapa he was planted in Ilam first time. And King Birendra extended 2028, AD in 5 district in the eastern part of Nepal.

Nepal tea development co-operation, Herbal Nepal, National suppliers produce tea 1980,  King birendra had extend in 5 district Jhapa, Ilam bhojpur, panchthar, Tehrathum, today not only eastern part of Nepal, but also commercially we have reached about 20 district. 1 belief that inducing brown tea. we are  major aim to design 90 percent investment tea and coffee development. Playing the role of give the employment for the peoples. 1 year later prevailing what a coffee. now tea not only focused and implimentation regarded tea red tea 4rth international tea festival of Nepal 2023, April 27-29 held on program, we are not alone another we are along with tea and coffee farmers as all of the stakeholder. Nepal tea entrepreneur association producing tea, Central cooperative Nepal also along, with board,  alliance and co-operation supporting to us from private sector with tea association enhancing, branding, quantity tea.

In September 2022 international level quality tea competition success to achieve the awards certification. similarly today.  CTC Tea, similarly 40 percent have reducing to import, export are increasing global market, Chinese tea association, Chinese people has golden opportunity to enhance the marketing entrepreneur program.

The producers office of 50% of expansion hug agriculture in value chain  ecosystem network must pay have we done transformation agro industry present condition economically supporting  by government, Helping for to public private partnership fundamentally strengthen the tea sectors attraction increasing.

Jenni Todd tea Trader United state of America New york. She had said, Really i wants to extend globally in the world, Nepali tea, so, I have waiting rich tea market in the future of tea. High value, high quality to addressed qualitative tea. To commercialization in the future. To dissemination of high volume of in the market so you need mechanize and modern market make ensure the production, its quality from Nepal between the high altitude mountain tea quantity make hug standerds. Make recognize more affordable such excitement even recovery board of price of tea.

Who have had seen very nice everybody. requesting to recognize. I am 10 years in Nepal, I will back to united state, Rathi also mention that  increasing the USA market.

Lio Huwan Chairman Chinese Tea association, He said, Nepal is a best business partner country, I am speaking first time English, The best business we should do. Thendu National Company we want to increased business, it should be must important in these two country Jointly trading, I want to have change fantastically market Nepal’s high mountain tea.

Black tea, White tea, white tea likes chinese sonsumer, also green tea. 1.3 million Nepal farm generated real production, same organic tea being in Nepal. High mountain tea natural farming to differences the more tea Best marketing seed the seasoned of important we also product. we also produce certain percent of tea. Nepali tea dimmentionly  opportunity in the chinese market. It is not advantaged must the provide believeable relationship within the two country peoples China and Nepal. I want to promote Nepalese High mountain tea in the Chinese market.

Long time practiced in Nepal tea really chinese  market, Nepal’s tea.

Highly increased demand of Nepal’s tea in chinese market. Related consortium project manager.

Rabi Rathi addressing the on occasion of tea day. Entrepreneur regarded institute organization should be promotion. Economics sector can improve and can reduce the trade loss. Increased strong economic sector from only Agriculture sector. Huwan said should be facilitated to entrepreneurship in Nepal.

Youth farmers Pandav Timilsina Ilam, Usha Subba limbu, Taplejung, Dilkumar rai bhojpur, were awarded National entrepreneur award 2023.

Chief guest Beduram bhusal addressed on occasion of the 27 the tea day, Bhusal said, I am feeling happy that on occasion of celebration of 27th tea festival I want to greeting to of all.

He adding, Who have engage in the tea sector present in the year. on Nepal 1860 continue by tea  sector playing the important role to reduce trade deficit, 60 percent tea performance daring to industry facility.

Beautiful tea home district I would like to participants thanks, make the effective program of 27 the tea festival ceremony celebration.

Honerable minister Ramesh Rijal Ministry for Industry, commerce and supplies he said, Thanks to make the organizer to make the meaningful program. Value of the tea festival in Nepal, should be helpful to make the market and trade policy promotion through the festival. He said, Nepal government want to thanks too. I want request to Manufacture of trecibility high quality tea production, he said, It will be helpful option of opportunity to Nepal Government to make the effective program.

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