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FAO, Nepal’s CPF Ambitious for Nepal, prosperity brings

using dynamic technology in Agriculture sector

Dhanbahadur magar
May 17, Capital of Kathmandu Nepal Wednesday, in the Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu FAo Country programing Framework (CPF Nepal (2023-2027 Lunching Ceremony.

Objective of overall Agriculture and Forest sector Transformation of United Nations and Agriculture organization (FAO) Country Programing Fremework 2023-2027 has lunched.
Ministry of Agriculture, livestock development, honorable minister Dr. Beduram, bhuusal. \
National planning vice chairman Dr. Minbahadur Shrestha, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s Asia Paciffic chief Jong-Zin kim and United Nation habitat residency Ms. Hanaa singer Hamdy.
Economic cooperation and coordination division, ministry finance, Shreekrishna Nepal, and FAO Representative for Nepal chief Ken shimizu jointly signed in CPF 2023-2027.
Honorable Minster and program’s chief guest Dr. Beduram Bhusal said, 7 decade long assistance, cooperation are appraciable FAO Nepal. The Lunching CPF fremework 2023-27, government and’ FAO’s common documents.
He Added, On behalf government of Nepal Thanks to FAO continue supporting for Nepal. as Sector of policy ADS Making, even though one village one product program. I will hope finally productive partnership in Nepal in food systems and various stakeholders.
The ministry of forest secretary Rewati raman paudel said major resources of forest sectors will meaning full framework of CPF, I Appreciate to FAO for assistance in technical support. Sustainable development of biodiversity. Achieving objectively the successful implementation prosperity of Nepal.
I want to added on sustainable development goal, from food and Nutrition security, agriculture and forest sector.
National Planning commission vice chairman Minbahadur shrestha country framework 2027, Nepal’s i believe on that CPF food system transformation, against the fight hunger and poverty,  climate change, specially role, make effective. He added.
I am very much delighting with FAO, Nepal government fremework of CPF 2023-2027, roadmap of agriculuture’s multisectors, processing on plan will be synchronize. He said, in 1951 FAO partnership collaboration are continue, I hope to recommendation on agricultural enviroment friendly, the processing sector services of food system dialogue. Equality, responsibility, sustainable development, transforming systems Knowledge, skill and advices together from FAO for implimentation CPF up to 2027, with Strong collaboration, we need to extensive, sustainable and ground base action.
Guest FAO assistance Director general Mr.Jong-jin Kim Asia pacific regional representative Asia and Pacific, He added to implementation Nepal government prioritize policy according to FAO mandate.
FAO.s wants members country’s increased production, Nutrition reforms , environment reforms process, sample of the own members country program, activities scale up extension program and enhance. He said, unique opportunity food system its can reduction nature disaster, Nepal playing significant role during the long time in griculture, evaluation on past lessons Of, crops: rice, wheat, maize, livestock sector. We appreciate FAO, Nepal. Helping for demographic change. But we have common challenges. CPF 2023-2027 will address right to food, Right to food sovereignty, past and formers in to development. specially program centrelled in technology sector. Fishery and livestock sector i am confidence to implement a 5 year extension. provision of internal action. Emerging new issues to solve the agricultural problems and will able to face challenges.
Not only the inclusive development all of the citizens for Food ensure to added in formation of food security. Food sovereignty, Mal nutrition and other food security regarding the challenges issues will essential, effectively coordination address for country’s food system transformation, she said.
United Nations residency representative Ms Hanaa singer-hamdy added. Nepal’s youth have abundant their origin for engages in for foreign employment, So, Increasing women responsibility in agriculture sector. on her country could mention its fremeworks women friendly technonology should apply, development, promotion, specially should mention of 2026 CPF, developing country, she feels happy, will fulfill the improvement, upgrading power of lifestyle process. UN continue assistances she, added, Country Programming Framework 2023-2027
She said Agriculture sector this significant progrman 70 year long collaboraiton with FAO and Government of Nepal.
Nepal agriculture still have traditional. Necessary or promote agriculture development, climate change impact on in an agriculture. Urban agriculture development food distribution. resources more gender responsible inclusive, gender of food system in Nepal, to reduce the hunger and minimize the poverty. The sustainable food system in data are necessary. Food Nutrition and Food Security of Nepal. opportunity she said yes we can, yes we can do, yes you all.
In Lunching the public ceremony program Diplomatic Ambassador, development partnership representative, governmental officer, private sector, agriculture representative, agriculture professional entrepreneurship, development partnership were presents.
Welcome remarks Secretary Dr.Govindprasad sharma ministry of agriculture, livestock development. Sharma said, its importance to recognize overall 70 years Technical partnership of FAO’s collaboration, I am also agree agrifood transformation initiative and Zero hunger perspective. We have go ahead for food security. I mention that the united Nations program, I really appreciate for first full program CPF formulation of roadmap. Alliance of CPF with national policy, sustainable Nature resource management.
We will hoping the Result of fremework 2023-2027 agrifood systems in Nepal. Make sure to the market access, value chain network. Specially income generation to farming community from food security. After the lunching the CPF Nepal will achieve nutrition access. Also we have many challenges like as climate changes, has these inclusive gender program will success. hundred 17 million dollar invest in potential technical program. Furthermore collaboration.

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